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Welcome to senior talk. Senior tog is where you can find the most useful Assisted Living San Leandro information, resources or advice when it comes to senior care. I’m your host, Nicole. She, this podcast is brought you by Nestle senior placement and care solution. Nasbe help seniors find the most suitable, assisted living boarding care, independent living memory care facilities and nursing home and amazing caregivers. Um, you can find more information about them on nes V. Dot com ness. These spells in e s t e V as in Victor, y as in yellow and they’re full number is one 805 seven zero seven eight, seven four. Um, in Nsbe is free of charge of day. We’ll give you really amazing or advice when it comes to senior care and give you guy you to the right direction. All right, this is our episode number five.

Today we’ll be talking about a couple important points when it comes to um, preparing senior care’s with your love ones. Um, it’s not an easy topics to discuss. No one wants to think themselves or senior. So in order to transition, make the conversation happen smoothly, then we definitely want her to be a little bit more sympathetic. Um, and make sure they know that we care about them, not just, you know, having a difficult conversation and wanted to know where, where the asset’s going to go after they get they got ill or they pass away. And we also want to be really respectful and we want to really listen to them because, you know, sometimes this type of commerce conversation doesn’t happen in one setting, usually takes a few buildup, uh, for seniors or loved one to slowly open up and discuss this type of arrangement. First thing, uh, we will recommend is to find the ideal senior care options. There are so many options that are on the market can help seniors age comfortably, option ranging, staying at home with 24 hours caregivers or going to assisted living or going to independent living. And if someone has diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, dementia, maybe considering memory care or a residential boarding care when they want to movie into certain Assisted Living San Leandro facilities.


I often recommend my clients who are starting this conversation earlier. Just slowly, little by little, maybe one day. Um, you take mom or dad to see this beautiful retirement community where they can live in an apartment. Meals and laundry service will be provided and a lot of really fun activities where they can social am engaged, still socially engage in um, doing, going out, have a lot of outings, making new friends.

um, having caregivers at home is a little bit more expensive options, not only you have to pay for the caregivers, you also have to consider tow mater vacation such as if there are some steps before entering the house, you might have to add of ramp in case senior gets all or using wheelchair that will have an easy access for the seniors. Get into sort of house. Usually you can find really sufficient medical supplies as some local medical supply stores in San Leandro. Locally. We have thrifty medical supplies on Doolittle in San Leandro and we also have rehab medical supplies. Um, B street of course you can also contact your local senior advisor. Um, I’m a senior advisor in San Leandro and I service my clients all over the bay area so you can call me too back to the in home care givers. Not only you have to get medical supplies and make sure it’s easy access, modify your home, maybe you want to add grab bars.

Usually you can get at cvs, target. Um, you also have to pay for groceries and um, electricity’s and utilities, Internet and everything cable versus sometimes it’s more cost effective just to move to a senior retirement. This is the living communities. Um, and Sarah out of hiring 24 hour caregiver, some of the good questions to ask your parents or your loved one such as, uh, when they consider moving knee and into a longterm care community am which option is a more likely they’re open to go to. Um, and I think it’s a good idea sometimes to schedule tours in the nearby, uh, assisted living memory care. It’s just take a tour. Um, like in San Leandro we have a couple of really wonderful facilities such as Pacific Car Carlton. They’re all very beautiful. There style is kind of like apartment style, so everyone has their own apartment which makes the senior, it feels like, okay, there’s some privacy.

They can stay inside and do this thing. Um, when it was time to have dinner, breakfast or lunch, they would, you know, have menu to choose from. And also you want to ask them if someone, especially someone has Alzheimer’s, um, asked them, you want to make sure you ask. You have all the ducks neuro to hype, help them and guide them where they want to, um, go to a memory care or they want to hire a caregiver at home. Um, and how would they prefer to handle their assets like cars, homes and other valuable items? Um, it’s also good idea to sometimes discuss with the family doctor or, um, an experience social workers specializing in elder care. Also maybe or estate attorney, maybe they have more experience working with seniors with estate planning. There’s an organization in San Leandro or Oakland area on the and burgers.

It’s called legal assistance for seniors. They provide a range of different services ranging from legal services for seniors. They provide free legal consultations, who’s seniors to Rau, Alameda County. And they also can represent an advisory informations for the seniors and also refer them to other resources. Um, the specialty of their, their legal services are elderly abuse, Guardian ship, public benefits, health law, legal service for immigrants and conservatorships. And they also um, an advice seniors regarding their insurance consultation. As we know, insurance is a big topic which is Jewish pig, medicare Hmo, PPO, Medi-Cal, all that is very complex. Definitely a professional can help you, guide you to the right choice. And also they provide education and community and they also can link to other nonprofit, can help the seniors. And then we wanted to explore longterm care insurance, although it is a good idea for someone to look into longterm insurance, long term care insurance in their forties or even earlier to start thinking about it.

An average people start getting longterm care insurance at age 50 to 65. A lot of time, um, when someone passes on an age, the traditional policy will not cover someone if they have preexisting condition. So you might want to discuss with your financial advisor. And they are more than just a traditional type of longterm care. A traditional care. Basically you pay a premium, um, you know, use it. You lose it, you just pay. And if you start paying it basically the whole policy labs and it will become an effective in s essentially. But there are policies that is more like hybrid is more like a traditional life insurance applause, long term care benefit. And also there are other, um, in instruments that you pay a lump sum and it will grow throughout the time. And by the time you need to use for long term care benefit, then you tap into the pool.

And nationally have, we’ll have more money essentially, but use use qualify, um, longterm care needs. And a lot of longterm care policy will not activate it unless someone lose two out of six ADL activities of daily livings in order to activate the policy in the six Aidy yells are, um, generally that recognizes bathing, able to clean or to shower and groom activity, shavings brushing teeth as bathing. Dressing is someone’s ability. Be able to, uh, dress oneself without, are struggling with a button or zippers or shoe laces. Um, you’re also eating ability to fee oneself, transferring, be able to, you know, walk or move from a bed to a wheelchair or from wheelchair back to the back bed. Toileting, be able to use toilet without any assistance and continents. A able to control bladder or bowel movement, like be able to haul basically if you need to pee wherever the whole it and go to the bathroom by with your own ability.

That’s six 50 ELLs could, financial planning is extremely important when it comes to senior care. Um, I often see families I work with, they get caught of guard of how expensive senior care can be. Um, for caregivers, for example, live in caregivers in San Leandro, Oakland or are we just talking about Alameda accounting general cause about, ah, I would say between 200 to 600 a day. So if we say if it’s a 600 and that will be 18,000 a month, that doesn’t include you have to pay for utilities or cable, Internet and all that. Um, assisted livings you’ll costs in East Bay, we’re talking about San Leandro, Oakland, Alameda, Castro valley area will cost about starting was 2,500 and can go all the way up to 7,000 or even more depends on the type of facilities that you pick. Um, memory care can cause even a little more.

In East Bay area, the race starts about 4,500 can go all the way up to maybe 10,000 independent living. Um, it stars a little bit lower. Essentially people are moving into an unemployment. Um, they can do some light cooking. There’s a refrigerator, uh, but most of the time their are caregivers walking around the hallway and check on them and, or three meals. Utilities will be provided and even transportation. Um, if you need to go to a doctor’s, it will be also included in activities in the building. Usually use a Assisted Living San Leandro calendar on the wall showing the daily activities will be, and there’s sometimes the outings are as a craft Bingo is extremely popular in the senior care facilities. Um, and of course some, some family also think, um, medicare will cover everything, which is not true. Medicare is a health insurance. Um, it’s not, it doesn’t cover long term care.

The differences between long term care, health care is health care is provided by a trained medical professional such as doctors, nurses, maybe lab or radiologist. Um, and longterm care is provided by you know, a train caregivers. They are not necessary. Skill skill means medical, a train. So that’s very important to keep in mind that Medicare will not cover for longterm care benefit. It’s important to find a trustworthy financial advisor to plan your, basically your budget ahead. So it is important that maybe you want to discuss with your doctor. Sometimes your doctors may have good resources maybe as to stay attorney. Um, and also you don’t want her to put too much trust into one financial advisor’s opinion. Just like getting seen a doctor. You can always get a second opinion and actually it is a very good idea when it comes to financial planning, um, to have second second opinion.

Um, and you also want to meet them in person, sit down the office and make sure everything makes sense to you. Make sure you understand everything that is plan ahead. If you don’t understand, if you feel like, um, you are not, you don’t understand financial terms very well, make sure you bring someone that has some knowledge to make sense of what’s going on with your financial planning and preparing legal documents. I will say, um, the last thing thing you want is to a scramble for legal documents finding who’s a power of attorney. Um, I will say five most important legal documents you want to be ready when the day comes is a will, a durable power of attorney for healthcare, a durable power of attorney for finances and medical directive and re a revokable living trust. Um, I’m not a legal professional so I can’t get into the differentiator.

Um, what, what is doing what? So it is a good idea to talk to an attorney. There are a many amazing estate attorney day practice elder law in Alameda County. They’re a couples in the Berkeley area and I know there’s a few in San Leandro. Um, you can reach out to Nasbe. They can definitely give you referral at (800) 570-7874. That’s their phone number. Okay, let’s do a quick recap. Feel important points, four important points to discuss with your loved one when it comes to senior care. First you want to find out ideal care options in different scenario and their preferences and their desire. That’s important. That’s first one. And second, you want to shop for longterm care insurance. Look into different policy. Asheville, financial advisor of their traditional, their hybrid us for more than just one. Um, illustrators. Sometimes it can print out the illustrator and give you scenarios.

What if scenario a happens, what you should do and what policy would do for you and you for your love one essentially. And the third one is financial planning. Getting a very solid plan, financial plan ahead, knowing about how much you’re gonna spend, where are you going to spend and how much money you have to spend your longterm care because you still maybe need money for other stuff. So make sure you separate that. And the last one, you want to make sure you have all the documents, legal documents in place, in case anything happened, we know exactly what to do. Okay. Thank you everyone. Thank you for listening to another episode of senior talk. This is your host Nicole. She again, this Assisted Living San Leandro podcast is brought you by Nestle senior placement. Ness weave is a senior placement, service and care giving agencies in San Leandro Bay area, California. Um, they can be reached at (800) 557-0787 four again, (800) 570-7874 or you can email them at hello at [inaudible] dot com and Nes V’s spells is spelled n e s t e V as in Victor. Why is it yellow? So feel free to reach out and have a wonderful day. Everyone. Good night.