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Hi everyone. Welcome to Assisted Living San Leandro senior talk. See me or talk is where you get the best information, tips and recommendation when it comes to senior care. This is your host Nicole. She senior talk is brought you by NSV senior placement and care solutions Nasbe. We’ll help you find the most suitable, assisted living boarding care, memory care or other type of senior living or amazing caregivers and no cost. You can visit our website at www dot [inaudible] dot com [inaudible] spells and e s t e v as in Victor, y as in yellow. Today we’ll be having some Q and. A. We’ll go over a couple questions our senior asked the most. The first questions we got is how the seniors stay independent at home. Second one is what are some of the warning signs of dementia and what are some of the best exercises for seniors? Last dive in.

The first question is how do seniors stay independent at home? Also, people still want her to retire home aging place. They prefer to stay at home instead of moving to a nursing home or assisted living or into um, maybe their family’s home. They are a couple things that make seniors lose their independence. The number one cause of injuries, uh, that puts older people in hospital is fall. That’s why it is so important to make sure your environment, it’s safe for you. When you walk around. A few easy steps is adding grab bar or a shower chair in the bathroom or using race, toilet seat or sometimes you want to modify the steps from co from coming into the house by adding a ramp to make it easier so you don’t have to step into the house or even a bath top.


You also want to eliminate throw rugs

and runners on the floor. Two, avoid tripping. You also wants to be careful with the medication you’re taking. Some other medication, my have some sedative components to it so when you take it it might get you a little bit sleepy, drowsy and that will increase the risk of falling. It’s a good idea to utilize home health, physical therapist or nurse who come into your house to do a home evaluation to make sure your home is a safe as possible and you’re taking medication as prescribed. You also wanted to be up today with your Assisted Living San Leandro physical exam I vision exam and making sure you have or maybe a panic button or a full around in case if you fall you can get the help that you really need it as soon as possible.


The second tip is to try to stay fair physical active as possible. We’ll be talking about surely um, some of the really good activities and exercise is really good for the seniors. You want to strengthen your muscles so your reduced the probability of falling and also stay active is show them to link to a more positive outcome of mental pass city. Sometimes you don’t necessarily need to say exercise. They even walk around, walk your dog, walk with your friend and be sure that when your doctor or therapist prescribed you walker or a cane, make sure you use it for your own safety. The third advice we have here is to stay socially engage. Um, you’ve been wanting to join different social activities. Um, it’s called mini Asia, that people play March young and go to a supermarket or a flower market together.

And there’s a study showing that staying socially engage will help see near preserve memory. There are a few ways you can stay socially engaged locally such as taking a class in San Leandro. We have suddenly Andrew’s senior center. There are so many classes you can take from painting, learning a new language, dance scene, crafting their many amazing classes you can take. And also you might, you can do is to volunteer at something that you really enjoy, such as if you really like animals, serious animal shelters in locally we’ll have in some where it’s close to Ellis San Leandro is Alameda animal shelter and Hayward and emotions, shelters. She couldn’t help out the animals or um, volunteer, uh, meals on wheels to help the seniors that is unable to leave their home to provide a nutrition and food that they need that will also reward you in your life.

You also want to plan ahead and made sure you have a resources when you need to go to your doctor’s appointment, visiting your friends or going to different activities if you don’t feel comfortable driving. There are many um, transportation programs in Alameda County and in San Leandro that is designed to help seniors go to places such as a Celly, Andrew or flags program. By selling the Andrew’s senior center, you can always reach out to them if you are, I remember 70 or older you or qualify for a taxi voucher program. So you basically, um, the city will pay a small percentage for you and you’ll pay for the rest for Uber or Lyft. Also in Alameda we have Ela, East Bay transit services throughout the East Bay. You can always sign up, just search East Bay paratransit. Um, you’ll be able to find their application and find out where are some of the wet qualification that you need to meet in order to get the, uh, Assisted Living San Leandro transportation.

Uh, East Bay paratransit service is really amazing because you can schedule ahead, they will come to come to you, come to your place to pick you up. If you need to go to a doctor’s appointment, they will drop you off and you schedule a pickup, another pickup appointment after your doctor’s appointment. But um, keep in mind you do have to call like a day ahead to schedule an appointment. Sometimes different communities, they might have other volunteers they are willing to drive you around. Maybe it was people just just retired. So they are still pretty healthy. There are still able to drive around. That’s also a very good way to go to different places and then me, some new friends and connect with people in different age. The last tips we have is we will like I was senior to plan ahead like the fool you need to eat, do grocery shopping or events. If you have to have hair done, you just planned out ahead. Um, make sure you set up a, pay your bills on time, maybe have someone help you set up automatic payment and also set up a, an events directive. So your family knows what to do, where you, there’s an emergency occurred. Second questions we have is how do we ease, uh, to transition from home to assisted living or other type of senior living? Sometimes staying at home independently is now

an option anymore. Maybe your doctor or hospital let you know that, hey, you know, ms Mr or Mrs. Jones, it’s not safe for you to be at home. It’s best off to have a 24 hours caregiver to accompany you, um, at home. Uh, but as we know, hiring a private caregiver, it can be very expensive. So now the option is going to transition into an assisted living where there are 24 hours care givers always on the site.


The first way to help seniors ease into assisted living is too take a tour at assisted living. You plan to move to or in fact see as many places as possible and ask many questions, um, is always a good idea to stay in the same town. So there is some familiarity and your friends or family can always come visit you. Often.

Second thing you can do is to start as a respite care. Respite means short term stay too. You just pay on a daily basis. Maybe you decide to participate a two weeks trial to stay there so you get a feel of the people, the food, the program. If you like the place, if it is a convenient for you, still do many of your things that you really enjoy. Once you decided this is a good place for you, maybe you want us to make sure the room is as comfortable as possible. You could decorate your space, looks just like your room before. Have photos there. Um, of your families and friends, often assisted livings, they have a coordinator on site in the first few weeks. They usually will pay attention to you and make sure you are comfortable. Make sure you speak up about what you like to do and they might be able to introduce you to some people in the same place they enjoyed the same thing. Then you can actually develop friendship together. State active is important regardless how old you are. There’s some forms of exercise can keep motivated

and also add some benefits to it, like prevent falling, strengthen your muscle and reduce the rate of getting fractures. And I’m [inaudible] break it down into different season. The first one, the big we’ll start in summer, summer is old, you know, many parts of the u s is pretty more warm. Um, for seniors you need to make sure you stay hydrated because the hydration is a real concern. And a lot of time people don’t feel thirsty until they are really dehydrated to the point that it’s actually dangerous to maybe you want us always have a water bottle with you. And the first exercise you can beat the heat is to swim. Or you can join a bowling team or have friends who go bowling together and fall. You can um, maybe take a walk in some Nice, beautiful area so you can see the Assisted Living San Leandro changes, um, and the trees and the leaves. Also maybe do some holiday shopping in good events or yoga. Tai Chi is all universal. Any. You can do it anytime and winter may be. Um, it’s some parts of the US is very cold and snowy. Maybe it’s a good idea to try it. Our fitness centers, some of the Cecil living senior care center, they have a small gym. Maybe you can do some aerobic exercise or on a walk on a treadmill or elliptical machine.

Spray is beautiful. Maybe it’s not as warm yet, but it’s a good time to start doing some Assisted Living San Leandro gardening, maybe grow something that you will really enjoy and fall or summer. Of course he can join local senior activity programs like in selling and draw are many dance classes that seniors or older adults really enjoy. That’s it for the three questions. If you have any more questions you are like to know, please let us know. We’ll find an answer for you. Once again, this is senior talk. This is your host Nicole. She this podcast is brought to you by an SV senior placement and care solutions ness fee. We’ll help you find the most suitable senior living like assisted living, boarding care, memory care or independent living or even amazing caregivers. Ness v is a California Bay Area San Leandro Base Organization. You can find more information about [email protected] ness fees spells and e s t, a, v as in Victor, y as in yellow. Before next time we meet, we stay healthy and positive.