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Today we will be discussing ways to manage longterm care for you or you’ll love one.

First. What is Assisted Living San Leandro care? As the words imply? Longterm, it’s, you know, it’s a care, it is focused on the longterm. Um, usually is orange is different services from medical care to more social element. Um, or no other nonmedical needs for people who has um, chronic illness or disability that they cannot take care of themselves for a long period of time. Long term care can be provided at a facilities like nursing, home assisted living, boarding care or it can be provided at home. Longterm care can be needed by people of any ages. But it is common is a neat more needed with a seniors. It is common for longterm care providers to provide something non skill or nonmedical needs such as um, activities of daily living, dressing, bathing, going to the bathroom, transferring, eating and helping out grew mean hygiene and all that. But sometimes when people are really sick, um, someone maybe needs to be on the ventilator or tray, they might have to involve skilled nurse nurses to be around or respiratory therapists to be around and monitor the devices and their illnesses.

Aging is part of the life, but not everyone needs longterm care. However, is the society is you getting older? It is a good idea to have a plan in place. So today let’s talk about the costs of different longterm care and what the, what do they do and who benefits from which service. It is hard to say what type of longterm care you would need. Some people have more choice than others. For instance, if someone had a, a really bad accident, had tremendous brain injury, is very likely this person will need the highest level of care, longterm care. Um, this person might live in a custodial side of the nursing home where the facility always have nurses and, um, skill staff, sometimes even doctors around to around the facility to monitor someone’s condition. And in this case, this person doesn’t really have much choice where they’re choosing to go to an assisted living, a boarding care, memory care.

Some cases people, um, started off just kind of the con their health just deteriorate a little bit. So at that time they may be lose the ability to cook. Maybe they become a little bit more forgetful, um, but they can still manage most things at home. They may be just a need to hire a care giver, four to eight hours a day to come in to help out cooking, cleaning, preparing, um, the elderly to go to doctors appointment or accompany them to do some basic exercise and a next step. The person might become more dependent, needs 24 hour supervision because of this person might be a full risk. And also maybe forget usually forgetful when it comes to medication or turning off stove. Um, a distance situation. A lot of time, um, the doctor or the other health care provider would recommend this person to go to a longterm care facility or were recommend this person to hire 24 hour care givers.

If someone has the financial resources to hire a private Assisted Living San Leandro care givers, usually there are different ways you can have care givers work with you. You can have them stay in your house like living arrangement. Usually they will have two to three caregivers that you’re familiar with. Uh, each person, my stay three to four days. And then, uh, another care of Gerber comes in and the first caregiver just leave. The benefit of having a live in caregiver is you don’t have to leave, leave the house. You can comfortably stay where you are familiar with comfortably in your own bed. You are by yourself. And it gives you a sense of really good privacy. Um, but the downside of having live in caregiver is first, it’s very costly. Sometimes it calls for two a hundred dollars a day. Depends on what kind of help you need per per day.

So you can easily add up. If we say 600 a day, um, if you have caregivers there all the time, it will be 18,000. Another drawback is some seniors, they don’t really like people to come to house. Um, or some seniors become forgetful when there is something is missing in the house. They tend to think the caregiver, um, took their things. But that may be true. Uh, we don’t know. But that kind of conflict is actually pretty common. And the third drawback, although this is really uncommon, but there were cases that caregiver somehow got on to their clients, um, is day planning list or will, um, to transfer the assets from the clients who their caregiver. Usually that makes the family very upset as you can imagine. But there are all kinds of scenarios. Why does seniors transfer assets to this caregiver? May Be the scenar was lonely that this caregiver is the only person care about him or her or sometimes fraudulent or sometimes a seniors just really upset with the family and not a way to manage longterm care is to move into an assisted living or boarding care or even nursing homes.

What are some of the benefits of assisted living facilities or bought boarding care facilities? First, assisted living tend to be cheaper than having 24 hours Assisted Living San Leandro caregiver and assisted living. A lot of assisted living is these zine to help seniors around a clock. So you can imagine they’re always caregivers around 24 hours in the building.

We also want to keep in mind they are some assisted livings or we call, sometimes we call it a boarding care or residential care facilities. Um, they are six bed six to a bear’s facilities. Um, they’re only able to accommodate six to maybe a residents the most, a lot of time they do have 24 hour staff onsite but they are allowed to sleep at night. So if your loved one is needing a lot of help at nighttime, I’m hiring an additional caregiver at a boarding care or move to another bigger facility has awake 24 hours, staff will be more beneficial. Assist the living also has a lot of outings and activities for the seniors throughout the day. It is a great opportunity for seniors who liked social or senior year’s a wanted to be more social but just didn’t have the motivation or the drive to make it happen.

So this basically will have, um, just make it happen for them. Usually a will be a calendar posted as somewhere is easy to see with large funds for the seniors with time and all activities. And sometimes I have a really good outings, um, going to the hiking or even just walk around the lake. Um, I even heard this assisted living, they take seniors to wine tasting is a very popular activity activity and the third button if it is because um, it is a larger facility. So a lot of time they have doctors come in to check on different residents. Um, some really upskill or high end facilities as is their livings or even memory care. They have a designated areas for the doctor to check on their patients. Basically the residents in the assisted living this way, the seniors, they don’t have to travel to see the doctor outside of the building.

Fourth benefit is you have less worry because you don’t need to worry about paying bills or cooking or you know, fixing toilets because a plumbing problem or other repairman around the house. A few drawbacks of living in assisted living include, first you have to move into the facilities. Um, when someone move from their house into an assisted living or care facility, there are a lot of downsizing needs to be done and things we have collected in our whole life. We have to let go. Some of them. This can be challenging, even challenging for us as a young person. Luckily there are a few professional downsizing home organization, um, planners around the bay area, just naming a couple of, um, downsizing organizer experts in San Leandro or nearby city. Like, Hey, we’re, or cash a valley in Oakland. Um, there’s encipher organizer. They serve as Oakland area collected, collect or care serve as Tri Valley.

So a Pleasanton, Dublin, um, Walnut Creek area on track moving. They serve as, hey, we’re a San Leandro and, um, all things organization, uh, they serve as kind of like, oh clan or the whole Alameda County. And other downside is for someone who, um, have problems socializing with other or just don’t like group. Um, because at assisted living or even boarding care memory care environment that someone still needs to come out in the dining area too. Um, so at dinner, breakfast, lunch, um, and social caregivers may invite senior year to come out to socializing with other or other seniors and invite this particular person, each other to join activities. If someone is absolutely having problem adjusting group type of setting, this will be a big problem. And someone typing problem adjusting group environment, my draw, um, become depressed. So in that perspective that we actually is not benefiting this particular person to living in assisted living environment and also assisted livings, um, residential care facilities, they have their own sets of rules. Maybe someone is used to freedom digging their whole life. Now they move to an assisted living. They need to follow the rules of the facility to um, or an hours or do certain things. You don’t turn on the music too loud. I mean this is not very common for seniors who turn out in music too loud, loud obviously, but you know, there’s a chance some seniors, a maybe a Dev they hard of hearing, they want to turn on the TV really loud. That is more common. Another thing is, um,


Assisted living is not pay by Medicare or a lot of, um, people have misconception about what Medicare would pay. Medicare basically is kind of like a health insurance only pays your medical needs that is related to skill care and assisted living boarding care, memory care sometimes. Um, even nursing home Medicare will pay for the first 100 days. And after that if you have Medicaid, um, or in California medical that you know, they might pay for custodial care when someone is a needed and someone has to qualify for Medi cal first, then they have to be low income or have certain disability in order to qualify for medical. Um, if this will take some planning, so more detailed maybe to discuss with, with your east day planner, that is a better way to determine if your insurance will pay for it. But all in all, um, longterm care services will not be paid for your healthcare insurance ever a long term care benefit us in insurance benefit that could be paid for if you lose usually general, generally, uh, the qualification is if you lose two of the six daily activities of daily living, then you become qualify for a long term care benefit.

However, as we know, long term care benefit can be pricey.

It is a good idea again to discuss with your attorney or estate planner. Uh, I know no one wants to about what if they become always stick, become ill, but it is better than you. Don’t think about it at all. Then let someone else make this decisions for you. Sometimes you put this burden on your kids is also not fair for them. Always a good idea to start thinking about having a conversation with your loved one. Again, this is your host Nicole. She thank you so much to uh, be here with us as senior talk. Again, Assisted Living San Leandro senior talk is brought to you by Nsbe, senior placement and care solutions. NASBE is a bay area San Leandro, California base senior placement and care solutions consulting agency. They help you find the most suitable, assisted living boarding care, memory care, or other senior residential living arrangement or a hiring amazing caregivers. You can find them on [inaudible] v and e, s t v as in Victor. Y is in or you can contact them at (510) 570-7874 have a wonderful day, guys. Talk to you next time.