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Welcome to another episode of senior talk. senior talk is where you find the most useful information, resources and advice when it comes to senior care and Assisted Living San Leandro. Senior tog is brought to you by the senior placement and care solutions ness fee. We’ll help you find the most suitable, assisted living boarding care, independent living memory care facilities, nursing homes in amazing caregiver. You can find more information on triple w n dot. N A S T v as in Victor, y as in, um, against or you can call them my (510) 626-7744.


Yes. Fee is a bay area base, senior placement and caregiver agency and they’re located in San Leandro, California. Okay. Today’s episode is about three things you want to pay close attention to when it comes to finding a senior care living options. Um, there are different types of senior living options.


For like 13 home memory care facilities, independent living, assisted living or boarding cares, they’re all tight

senior living facilities. The first thing you want to ask or look out for is ass. The fee structures, there are different ways that assisted living or memory care or even nursing home can charge you. The first type is all inclusive, all inclusive, meaning that the room, the meal, the housekeeping, laundry as systems, transportation and um, assistance on site training, staff helping you or your loved one when it comes to daily activities like changing, showering, dressing and also the social educational activities. This type of facilities tend to be owned by individuals instead of cooperation. For example, some facilities in San Leandro such as roles gay, which is located, um, Clark Ave, incidently Angele and also heart and soul community located on South Street. And also, um, let me find another holistic care home. Um, Pepperdine in San Leandro, all three facilities are all inclusive. Um, sometimes they might charge a small amount of, um, kind of, kind of like of community fee, which is helping individuals set up a program, a plan, a personalized plan, and also, um, kind of like get the paperwork in place.

And then gray will be fixed at, depending on the level of care about the senior year is needed. That Assisted Living San Leandro will usually charge on a monthly basis. Like usually in San Leandro area will be between 3000 to 6,000 a month. Another type of fee structure would be more on the point basis, point basis meaning that there will be a one charge of the rate of the room that includes you know, wellness checkup and um, room basically just the room and then the room can be, um, you share with someone or you can run a small studio which would be cheaper than, you know, having one bedroom suite or two bedroom suite. And then on top of the ray for the Rome, that will be a care level rate. Um, usually it depends on level of needs. Of course, if someone is in need of two person assist will be more expensive than uh, month. An old lady or old man can use a walker and helping herself himself going to the bathroom, dining room, facility charge point basis tend to be run by bigger corporations like sunrise senior living, Carlton’s in it living or Pacific, our senior living.

And suddenly Andrea, we do have Carlton senior living on East 14th Street in San Leandro and also pacifical senior living on Quanah Avenue in San Leandro. Example in Oakland will be sunrise senior living on Skyline Boulevard in Oakland and also they also have a Pacific because senior living, which is located on 29th street in Oakland. Also. Another good one is the point at rock ridge as a really good example is in Piedmont area. Is it on Gilbert Street? In Oakland.


The last example would be um, you were longterm care, like living memory care or nursing home be paid by Medicaid or um, in California is medical. Cal does have long term care benefit, which the copay for the custodial care in a nursing home type of setting. Um, and they are assisted livings or memory care facilities are contracted with Medi cal program, so they have to get a waiver, a medical waiver to Acep, uh, low income people. Usually a person would just pay a fixed rate of one thousand two thousand. In Medi-Cal, we’ll pay for the difference. Um, this type of scenario is a pretty rare, especially in the bay area. Um, the supply is really low. They are not many facilities are contracted with Medi cow and half the medic cal waiver program. So um, if you are in the bay area, I will recommend, don’t keep your hope up but definitely reach out to the expert nurse fee, senior housing care solutions. Um, the phone number’s five one zero, a finite AA two zero. They definitely can provide you some useful information.

The second thing you want to pay close attention to, uh, when picking assisted living or memory care or any senior living type of facilities is the live out of service or care that is provided. Um, some facility they can provide really high level of care such as insulin injection or who we are live or even memory care facility. We want to have, keep in mind that having our love one or senior stay in the same place as long as possible. The reason for that is, you know, just like normal human being, even your loved one is all they can still make friends. You will be a huge headache and convenience for them to move to another facility while they already established good friendships or relationship with other residents or caregivers at assisted living. So if someone has a, the parents have dementia, Alzheimer’s, you might want to pick a facilities, has memory care unit.

So eve her person’s dementia gets worse or become demented. At least take in stone age in place, in the same facility. And for diabetic residents, maybe now the Bayer diabetes is managed by pill form, but we don’t know down line maybe injection is needed and a lot of diabetes, a resident, um, the my lose their vision, they can really see the syringes very well. Um, or they are, they need to make sure the dose is just correct. So, um, having an nurse on staff to be able to a minister in soling rejection is important. So you want to make sure you feel love. One has diagnosis of dementia or insulin or diabetes that you want to make sure to discuss with a facility to see if they have nurse on staff memory care unit in even sometimes there are um, facilities like age songs in Oakland.

They have psychologists on board, um, that is really good for someone, has a combination of needing a care and also have maybe some major depression or bipolar. It will be really good to have psychologists on side to kind of calm, uh, the resident down. And also some facility they have on call doctors who come me and once a month who check on all the resident. So in a way it is really convenient for the seniors. They may be just gold downstairs who see their primary doctors. They don’t have to schedule appointment and go out of their way to see the doctor. Some example of facility that has doctors on site is San Paulo Tower in Oakland is Ashley really close by to whole foods. That facility has, um, nursing home. Also independent living, assisted living, oval have doctor comes in to check on the resident and like I mentioned, age song in Oakland has psychiatrists, psychologists on board.

Um, the are really incredible when it comes to um, seniors with a psychological diagnosis in San Leandro area, Carlton, senior living in Assisted Living San Leandro, um, and 14th streets and certainly Angele they have nursing on stab April to administer injections, uh, between a two, five, two relative day. And also they are able to provide people with Hoya lift. Um, so as age song and a couple facility can manage Hoya lives are in the celly, Andra, our roles gay, they’re able to manage that. Um, Jones Jones rest home, Leslie care home and um, one more holistic care home. They all can manage horia lift. Usually smaller facilities am more capable of managing someone is in the more need of care.

The third one you want to pay attention to is um, uh, facilities, licensing and inspections. This is pretty important when it comes to make a informed decision. Some of US sister living, they look very nice, the promise, a lot of things up front. Um, but by the time the family movie and the discover a lot of problems, um, to fight another facility, suitable facility will take time and it would also basically stressed to senior out. So definitely when it comes to inspection you want in California you want to go check on a department of social services. Um, they usually have all a whole list of different assisted livings, boarding cares and see memory care facilities. They also post different, uh, if your facility has any um, deficiency with their facilities and the inspections result or we all posted, um, understated done a department of social services site.

And as for a Assisted Living San Leandro nursing home nursing home is managed by the state. Um, Medicare, um, basically, um, usually nursing home they go through surveys once a year and the federal government would determine the citation of um, some sort of deficiencies. So, um, it will be really also important to go on Medicare website to look at the facility, the nursing home you are interested in. All right. This is your senior talk for today. Senior talk again is brought you by Nestle senior placement and care solutions. You can reach them at FY one zero a finite Aa two zero net they will help you find the most suitable, assisted living boarding care, nursing home, independent living. An amazing caregiver. Alright, thanks for listening. I will see you next time. Bye.